How would you define a political ideology to your child?

By admin ~ April 6th, 2010 @ 12:37 am
Suppose you were a political expert of some sort with a very distinct preference for one side and distaste for the opposite, and your precocious eight-year-old came up to you one day and asked, “Mom/Dad, what’s a liberal/conservative?” What would you tell them?
LILLIAN: That isn’t what I asked. In this scenario, your child doesn’t want to know which one is better, but what the terms “liberal” and “conservative” mean.
CRASH1121: I asked for the definitions of the movements, not the parties.
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7 Responses to How would you define a political ideology to your child?

  1. Lillian

    You teach them to use common sense and think through all sides of the issue before making a decision. The down side of this is that they will be informed and most likely a republican.

  2. Lamplighter

    I would tell them that conservatives are all poopy-pantses and that liberals are like fluffy bunnies. 🙂

    OK… I’m kidding. More or less.

    I’d tell them that conservatives like things to remain as they are and that they’re more concerned with their own good than the good of others.

    I’d tell them that liberals are much more open to learning from others and to trying new things… and that they want the best for everyone, not just themselves.

    Elemental… but it’s in the ballpark, in principle.

  3. Crash1121


    Honey the difference between republicans and democrats is…
    Real republicans don’t care what you do as long as you take care of yourself and family.
    Democrats force you to be nice to everyone and perform mandatory charity or they take you to court and take all the money in your piggy bank.

  4. volleyballchick

    Well, considering that my daughter is 2 1/2 right now, I don’t think a political viewpoint is the first and foremost thing on her mind. She cares more about what Sponge Bob and The Wonder Pets are doing than Hillary and Mitt.

    When she does ask the question, I will explain to her that each is a political viewpoint, and that they are personal opinions and choices that individuals make. I would also explain to her that each side feels a certain way on topics, and they are merely labels created by society to group individuals with the same opinions. I would then tell her that it was something that she didn’t need to worry about right now, and she could research it later and learn which side was the right side for her. She would learn more about each as she went further in school.

    Usually, at that age, a very generalized answer will suffice. But if she needed/wanted to know more, I would get out a dictionary and tell her the definitions.

  5. Gnu Diddy!

    At 8… well, what I’d tell them at that age would be amended and extended as they grew older.

    I’d tell them that some people believe that people should take care of themselves and that helping them can make them lazy and that others think we all have a responsibility to help each other. I’d tell them that some people think that it’s important that people support certain religious beliefs and others think religion should be private. Things like that. I’d try to be even-handed and tell them that the answers aren’t always easy.

  6. johnfantoni

    “All politicans are like a dog’s butt, they all stink”

  7. Popocatepetl

    As much as i had a political preference, i wouldn´t make my children to think exactly as i do. Anyway, i would give the children as much information as i can without tendencies.
    I would say what are the things both sides stand for – as much as i know about both and in a languaje they can understand.
    I guess the political ideas, as well as the moral, we have to give them with our own example.
    If i am a good citizen and try to keep informed about the things the politicians says, and my children see that i do it, they will try to do the same when they are older.
    If they listen to you during their life that you are against war, or that you try to help to an organization, those things are what they will learn.
    The point is to let them know and see what things are rigth and what are wrong, they will become with their own preferencies with time. And you won´t be the only model they will follow, or the only ideas they will listen. YOu have to be prepared to hear things that they listen at school, and they live out of the house.


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