How To Beat Office Politics

By admin ~ April 19th, 2010 @ 7:17 pm

As I am no longer involved in Corporate Office affairs I am conscious in writing this article I am in danger of sounding like a grumpy old man. But in relation to corporate office politics I saw something this week that astounded me.

In The Times of London on a management and business page there was a write up with photograph of a chap who coaches people in how to succeed at office politics. I only glanced at the article but it stayed with me.

As someone who has run major corporate businesses and eventually went on to found my own businesses it caused me to reflect. My style of management was to be open to avoid confusion and office politics by keeping everyone in the business informed on what we were attempting to achieve. It was their lively hood after all.

We worked hard at a structured briefing method, departmental groups were informed by the head of department what the latest issues were. The heads of department had been briefed by me and it was mandatory that any questions were answered there and then. If an answer was not possible the question had to be fed back to me and I would give the answer. The meetings were monthly.

This method of communication worked brilliantly, as we were able to bring about major change and re-organisation including job losses without any repercussions that threatened the business. There could be no corporate office politics because every one was fully briefed and all knew what the situation was.

The article about coaching people how to succeed at corporate office politics is the opposite of what is needed. To succeed we all need to work together with common goals. This applies in any business and honest open communication is an essential in this process.

However, I also have another take on it. The chap who has developed the course is obviously selling to the large corporates and getting coverage in one of the top newspapers. Which shows that there is a market. So best of luck to him for having the initiative to spot the opportunity.

Which leads me to another point that you have heard me go on about before. When you have your own business you see opportunity every where. Just another reason for escaping the office politics and exploiting the opportunities which are there for us.

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