What would the Politics section be like minus the hatred?

By admin ~ March 24th, 2010 @ 11:25 pm
Would people spend time asking questions about how to help America climb out of debt and get back to work, how to rebuild our infrastructure and improve our reputation in the world?
What if Republicans didn’t hate Obama and Democrats didn’t make jokes about Sarah Palin and John McCain?
Of course, I’m guilty of some of this too, but I’m only a visitor here from another section, so I’m not anyone to look up to.
But how would this section change if we only looked forward to a greater America?
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13 Responses to What would the Politics section be like minus the hatred?

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    The R&S section in good times.

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    it’d probably be boring.

    see, we only get to outright hate eachother online… most of us dont actually do this to others in real life. lol

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    There would be almost no liberals.

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    well, Flags of our Fathers controls about 75% of the commentary on here…well he and his 912 user id’s. Since he’s the greatest hate monger-er, I’m assuming that this section would be pretty flat without him. Just look to your right…all of those user id’s listed under best answers belong to FOOF. He’s an animal. ha!

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    Better, definitely it would be less hateful and people would be willing to be open minded about their opinion and beliefs.

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    Sara, we’re not a United States anymore. We’re left and right, blue and red, socialist and capitalists, black and white, and pro choice vs pro life. We cannot come together as one anymore because democrats celebrate diversity but hate the thought of one America. Dems don’t like to call people Americans, they must be labeled as African American or given some other moniker while whites are just…….well they’re white and not even called Americans.

    Bush was trashed for 8 years daily by the dems. Obama is getting his just rewards for how the dems acted.

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    A better place. Like our country- minus the conservatives

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    Empty and Silent

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    Politics without hatred would be like a car with no wheels

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    The Polls & Surveys section.

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    Politics and religions are two hottest topics…I mean, make people hot under the collar! Everyone has an opinion which they like to stick to, and make every effort to change others! Hence the inevitable clashes.

    As for working towards a greater America or any other country…everyone needs to have a similar vision and concept of ‘greatness’. How’s that possible?!?!

    Politics without dissension becomes corrupted! Opposition is needed to keep the powers-be on alert. True, it can be done without spewing venom!

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    My idea of a better America and your idea of a better America are most likely vastly different. I know some people think a “better” America would be full of Christians, beer would be illegal and people who “have teh gey” would be put to death. MY idea of a better America includes vast amounts of men with long, black hair and tattoos (and don’t leave out the beer).


    I do get your point about the whole hate thing though. It’s pretty sad. I also don’t like the way some of them on the TV scream and fail to make a point.

    Edit: …. ?aav – I ?love? your avatar. I’m actually amazed I’m not the only person here who likes Norwegian Black Metal.


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