The Political Incorrectness Of Politics

By admin ~ March 1st, 2010 @ 9:42 am

After hearing the daily round table gossip on ‘the View’ today, I came away with food for thought in regards to the mindset of people in America. I began to reflect upon reasons why I, a writer, a woman, an avid supporter of AMERICA…Sometimes find myself asking , Have people truly forgotten what’s important in our world today?

It is, for whatever reason; seemingly all about celebrity. So much so, that we have even begun to lose perspective on important issues. The Paris Hiltons/Lindsay Lohans/Nicole Ritchie becomes the focus for many of us, and that is all good when we want a laugh, a jab, a slight reprieve from our oftentimes mundane day to day existence. I mean, some of my best work have came about from the seemingly insane behaviours of celebrities…

However, that is entertainment. What really makes me want to take up my pen in absolute opinionated retaliation is hearing someone say that a candidate for the Presidential seat in the White House is catching flack from public/media/others who speak from a place of butthead, because she is not ‘buff’ enough! In essence Hillary Clinton is not the man about sports in the running against the ‘male’ gender who have exhibited their masculine/testosterone capabilities out there on the golf, basketball,tennis courts,yada, yada, yada…

Hillary Clinton is a woman, people. Just maybe, like many women, she is not athletically inclined. Perhaps, she, like many women love to read, write,, knit, speak/educate/encourage/motivate…Perhaps she just likes to let her hair down after long days ofcampaigning by swimming in the nude, getting a complete body massage, or, power walking in the park.

After hearing this latest, obtuse, rhetoric that she’s lacking in the adrenaline power of athletics, maybe she’ll spend the day, feeling sorry for herself, curled up with a bowl of Tom and Jerrys ice cream, watching old black/ white movies and crying her eyes out over the opinions of America’s people. Yes, butts, women do get emotional!

Everyone knows how the opinion analogy works. What voters should keep in mind when it comes to electing their next president,however, is whether that person is capable of overseeing the lsafety of people here in America, in all phases of human issues. The person about to cast that all important decision for the person they have chosen to serve this country and its people should have done their research and come away knowing the importance of the facts…just the facts people.

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