How many politics questions on the front page at any given time actually follow community guidelines?

By admin ~ March 5th, 2010 @ 11:58 am
The front page holds 20 questions. I’d say the average is usually 3-5 questions that actually follow community guidelines.
It’s getting out of control on here. I don’t report anyone, but some cleaning up may be necessary to get rid of troll questions coming from both sides.
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10 Responses to How many politics questions on the front page at any given time actually follow community guidelines?

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    Yes, people on here are way too argumentative for politics. There’s a line that is crossed from debating over to arguing. And you are right, it is from both sides. Some questions are just ridiculous, and some answers are just insane bashing. Arguing and fighting gets people no where especially in politics.

    I know there are completely opposite views, but it is really quite sad that when someone asks a question they have to add at the end “no rude comments please”. There is no dignity or respect anymore.

  2. moms thoughts

    if yahoo workers are asking them to generate posts, there’s nothing you can do about it.

  3. mom rox

    Depends on how many Democrats are in the room. If there are a high number of Democrats then that number would be higher.

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    pfffffffffft guidelines?

    I usually try to report 2 – 3 posts every couple of days for illegal activity. I figure if I can get the SS to at least ONE of these dittoheads that want America to fail and to cause harm to our president I’ll have done the country a favor.

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    the nature of politics.. there really should not be guidelines for this section.if one cannot take it ,one should go hide under their bed…

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    what i don;t think does, doesnt. what I think doesn;t does. depends on point of View i guess.

  7. battery backup

    I don’t believe it’s possible to follow community guidelines.
    When you can get a violation for , you know it’s all very subjective.

    (I didn’t leave anything out. Most of my “violations” are said to be due to {blank space} and upon appeal I am informed that review has shown my content really was {blank space} so would remain deleted.)

  8. search at google

    Agree. There are times when none do. They are the ones that never seem to be deleted.

  9. petal cones

    You may be overstating things a bit, but I have seen some questions that violate YA community guidelines. Usually the rest of the contributors let the asker know in no uncertain terms what they think about those questions. Other questions are strong opinions that may offend, but are still within the guidelines.
    Due to the nature of certain sections, emotions tend to run high. People can be rude and disrespectful at times. The best examples would be politics, elections and religion and spirituality.
    As a strong believer of freedom of speech I consider it a small price to pay to have such forums.

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    I agree- there is very little real questioning going on here. Not just in politics, but also in the Religion section.

    But, it passes the time.


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