Global Warming – Let’s Take The Focus Off Politics

By admin ~ March 31st, 2010 @ 4:23 am

My sister and I were discussing global warming and whether or not it is true. I believe it is but she is not convinced. Like a lot of other people she has her doubts because of political agendas surrounding this topic and the discrepancies among the scientific community. As she said, “Scientist can’t even forecast the correct weather for tomorrow let alone climate change 10 years from now.” It’s hard to argue her last point when you have gone out on a beautiful sunny day and then get caught in a downpour without your umbrella. But even if there is a political agenda and scientist can’t agree, why can’t we embrace living our lives where we don’t harm the planet, we don’t rely on foreign countries for oil and receive clean efficient energy for our homes and cars without paying a large oil or utility company?

Oil, gas, coal, and electricity generated from nuclear power plants are the most common forms of fuel we use to run our homes and power our cars. The cost for this type of energy has skyrocketed over the past two years and will continue to increase. On top of the spiraling costs these resources generate a large amount of green house gases and most of them are from non-renewable natural resources. My question is, if we can conserve natural resources, become more self-sufficient and save money, why are we not looking at technology for bringing alternative energy such as solar, wind, and water energy to the masses? Why are we getting hung up on whether or not someone has a political agenda or concerning ourselves with whether global warming is true?

We need to focus on creating technology for clean alternative energy that is affordable to implement and provides us with the ability to be self-sufficient. Providing the means for people to implement affordable alternative energy will also allow us to provide electricity for low-income housing. This has been done in California where Larry Hagman’s ranch is generating so much solar energy that he is able to provide electricity for his home plus five low-income homes located near his ranch.

Let’s take the focus off of the validity of global warming and look for ways to save money, the planet and our ability to be self-sufficient.

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