Why does Pelosi and the Democrats insist on playing politics with gas prices?

By admin ~ February 17th, 2010 @ 8:20 pm
Pelosi asks president to quit stock piling oil & gas. This is totally stupid it will mean nothing at all. The congress needs to address imediate drilling off shore and in ANWAR this needs to be sent directly to the refineries that are now in operation and take the place of foreign oil then consider building new.
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11 Responses to Why does Pelosi and the Democrats insist on playing politics with gas prices?

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    for one thing VOTES so they can win and ruin the country

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    What needs to happen is that the American people need to come together against corruption in Washington. If we start throwing this bums out of office, we’ll get some results! This is what Obama is trying to tell the American people. Come together, before we fall TOGETHER!

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    Because they, like the rest of them, get big kick backs, and we take it in the shorts, real bad, they are ruining this country. and no one really cares!!!

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    actually Alaska oil goes to japan . its both Ds and Rs that are totally corrupt . lets all vote other .

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    She wants to let voters know that she “CARES”.

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    Why would you keep replenishing the SPR at $120.00 a barrel, it will only cause higher future prices.

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    What are you crying about? America elected and re-elected two oil men and they have done for the oil companies what they promised to do. It took them 7+ years to get here, but this is what the Republicans planned for you all along.

    Why do you think Dick Cheney still refuses to tell you who he met with to form US energy policy? That is because he promised to take more money out of your pocket and give it to oil companies.

    You got what you voted for. Quit crying about gas prices. You make the USA look like a weak nation of losers and that damn bin Laden is laughing at you.

  8. eco planning

    Ya sort of like throwing stones in a glass house seeing that they are the root of all the problems

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    I agree we should kick them out of Washington and elect some new Representatives.

    I have to disagree with what poster above me wrote about Obama though.

    He is not the great unite you think he is
    He has other hidden Agenda for America
    America will stand because “we as citizens are united and we will not be divided “so there fore we shall not fall

    Obama is way to weak to be President in this day and age

    We need a fighter who won’t back down from a fight for America.

    We don’t want or need a weakling who is only good at giving speeches that have no substance and no specifics

    Clinton the real fighter for America

    Clinton 08

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    they are not playing any thing with the gas prices, they asked bush to drop the federal gas tax to bring down the price and to start drilling in Alaska ,so we would not be depended on foreign oil and he answered he would veto any bill that was sent to him as far as dropping the tax or drilling in the USA. and he will not ask the Sawdiies to pump more gas either so what does that tell you about this person? and he said on t.v. last night we are not in a recession we are just in a slow down? what the he!! is a recession if not a slow down?

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    Environmental extremists have them in their pockets. After all, people are evil for causing the problems by making life easier for themselves.


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