How should I prepare for a possible career in politics?

By admin ~ February 12th, 2010 @ 10:58 am
How can I get political experience? How do most politicians get their starts? I’m not the Harvard law school type, I’m blue collar, and leaving the military soon to start school.
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    look at

    also do community service in a political office.

    get to know your Congressperson’s staff…

    Start going to every city council meeting or school board/water board…the place that interests you most.

    join your independent/republican/democrat party.

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    Grow really thick skin.

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    Network, network, network, network! I cannot emphasize that enough. I came from a similar background as you (sans the military), and am actively involved in politics now. Networking with not only politically-minded folk but also business men/women and non-profit leadership will help immensely. If you haven’t attended college, it’s helpful but not absolutely necessary. Read all you can about the political machine and make sure you keep daily tabs on the major news sources- Wall Street Journal, NY Times, Washington Post, The Atlantic, National Review, Forbes, etc, and read the blogs of your party’s leadership and supporters (and those who you don’t agree with- you can learn as much from someone who is the polar opposite of you as you can from someone you are a carbon copy of). There’s so much information- and MISinformation out there, and getting it from so many sources might seem like an insane idea. But it will help you when you get into discussions and after a while, it will give you the ability to predict what will happen next in your party and in the political realm.

    Find your state/local Young Republican/Democrat organization and jump in. Attend rallies, help out with voter registration, work the polls- find out if it’s what you really want! Email staffers and ask them for advice on how to get started, and make it a point to introduce yourself to leadership and politicians when you have the chance. And, don’t be afraid to pick up and move to the DC area in order to make it all happen.

    Most of all- enjoy it!!

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    No need to. Just do like the rest of the politicians and wing it.


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