How do you feel about the new climate Czar being a member of the Democrat Socialist International Organization?

By admin ~ February 14th, 2010 @ 5:01 pm
Carol Browner will fit in with Obama’s marxist agenda, maybe she can get bloated Al Gore to speak on his theory of global warming in Wisconson with the low of minus 30 to minus 50 this week
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12 Responses to How do you feel about the new climate Czar being a member of the Democrat Socialist International Organization?

  1. Bobbi

    again ….. we need LESS government, not more government programs.

  2. nomad

    Algore is a card carrying socialist as well. It fits right in with Obamas agenda. It will cause a major rift.

  3. msmanners212

    When its cold outside – global warming
    When its hot outside – global warming

    See they already have it all figured out – no need for a “climate czar”

  4. John V

    Wow, you are fast, I just left my car and came into the house 2 minutes ago after listening to Rush, I was going to post that.

  5. *~*~*?*~*~* Princess

    Personally, I cannot stand socialists or Czars.

  6. TiedtoaRainbow

    It’s frightening. She believes in “rich” countries letting go of their wealth to fight global warming. She is as crazy as Pelosi but will have more power. America’s glory days are history.

  7. Nobama

    The only thing Big Al is qualified to speak on is global stupidity of which he suffers greatly. Al far as Carol Brownnose being a socialist… she’s just part of BO’s master plan.

  8. Buck J

    I was gonna ask a question on this topic.

    Her name was removed from two socialist websites as board member or partner. This liberal loon IS a person who hates America and what it stands for and the marxist Obama appointed her to apply punishing standards to business and common citizens.

    This woman is scary!

  9. C's mom

    It’s not surprising with Obama’s socialist ideas….but it is scary!

  10. petey

    ur right on, we should be attacking countries…not sitting around with these marxist guys smoking cigars and drinking scotch…

  11. Panda

    As long as she does a good job . . who cares . . oh … except paranoid neo-cons . . and honestly, you have no credibility left so . . . no one cares except youse guys and probably right wing talk show hosts who are probably having hysteria fits over ever single minor detail . . . lol . . . no one cares . . . so much hatred and pessimism . . you are going to have some rough eight long years. Lol.

  12. chargerman

    Why is it out of all the answers a top contributor has posted a stupid answer.


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