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By admin ~ February 19th, 2010 @ 3:19 am

It will be very difficult to pick the person who you want to be the next, ” number one symbol of democracy.” You see, none of the candidates seem to be willing to solve the problems that the majority of the citizens of our once great Nation consider to be the most important. That being, those issues that effect the future security and well being of every person within our Country.

Their main goal is to please as many people as they can in order to win the majority of the votes cast. As it happens, the most important issues are also the most politically sensitive. So far, none of the candidates have said anything that will truly preserve our way of life, nor do they have any real solutions to the ongoing problems that continue to cause so much grief, suffering, death and loss of personal wealth. Well, what exactly are those issues that have, so far, been ignored?

This following list of issues is by no means complete, but they are the most important for our future well being. Job security, illegal aliens, illegal drugs, immigration, political corruption and all kinds of criminal activity within our Country.

The fact is, people need honest jobs or those people will die or become criminals. Politicians must serve the needs of the majority, not just the people who contribute to their election or simply obey the dictates of their political party. The 12+ millions of illegal aliens must be removed from our Country and we must do whatever is required to stop the illegal flow of those people into our society. So too, the distribution and sale of illegal drugs must stop.

The high cost of oil is destroying our economy and the growing of bio fuels is not a long term solution for our energy hungry society and our environmental problems. The cost efficient production and use of hydrogen is the only real and practical solution.

If a candidate does emerge who will work for the solution of these most serious problems, no doubt, most rational people will vote for the election of that person.

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