Do I have to change my voter registration to vote for another Political Party for the Primary Election?

By admin ~ January 19th, 2010 @ 11:10 am

I’m a listed as a Democrat but I want to vote for a Republican in this Febuary 2008 Primary Election,I live in California.Do I have to change my political party status?I want to vote for Ron Paul for President.Any Advice out there?
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7 Responses to Do I have to change my voter registration to vote for another Political Party for the Primary Election?

  1. Bill H

    If Kalifornia has “closed ” primaries, you’ll have to re-register for the primary in order to change parties.

  2. jay f

    you can change it to independent and vote in both primaries

  3. madskier1

    Yes you do.

    And in anticipation of the many who will be leaving the Democratic party, you can do it via the web.

  4. Babe

    You can vote for any party you choose. My voters registration card doesn’t indicate any party.

  5. prince_of_thebes87

    You do not have to change your party affiliation to vote in the National election–such a requirement would actually probably be illegal. However to vote in the party primaries, to choose Ron Paul over McCain as the party’s nominee, you do have to change your party affiliation, since people can only vote in one primary.
    If you want Obama to be the Democratic ticket over Clinton, even if you don’t necessarily want him to win, than you have to stay in the Democratic party; but if you want to make sure that Ron Paul is the Republican nominee you have to change parties, as only people who are affiliated with the party may vote in the party primaries.

  6. Big Jon

    In Kalifornia, you can no longer vote in both party’s primaries by registering as “decline to state preference”. That option was thrown out by the courts about a year after it was enacted.

    If you want to vote for Ron Paul, either register as a “decline to state” with republican leanings, or register as a republican. See the reference attached.

  7. Declare Yourself

    Because the California Primary is closed, if you want to vote in the Republican primary, you must re-register as a republican. The deadline to change your party is January 21, 2008.
    To re-register, go here:
    Go here to find out more about the California primary:


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