Dirty Politics

By admin ~ January 14th, 2010 @ 4:01 am

John McCain has consistently shown he is not above hitting below the belt or misrepresenting perceptions to his own advantage. This perception is easily recognized by many of the people of this country.

Those who think like Mr. McCain may show support, but many who do not, will not show support or easily accept his negative political tactics.

When any politician who is zealous about winning office in this country does not stoop to below the belt, dirty tactics, misleading rhetoric or commentary, this is the man or woman who will get my vote.

Mr. McCain reminds me alot of Dick Cheney. Angry all of the time. Ready to rip apart with the assistance of his all too willing aides and others to find something to attack his political opponent be it valid or not.

How can anyone who really believes in fairness, justice and equality take mr. Mccain seriously?

He appears to be chomping at the bit to diminish the reputation of his presidential opponent Mr. Barack Obama. This country appears to be just as much in the same frame of mine as when the Constitution came into being. The need for a Constitution was recognized and brought into being and just as those who felt and agreed to the need, there were and still are those who do not.

The control of the masses appears to be the only agenda in the minds of those who appear to think that only they have the rights to the blessings of the Constitution to live free. Constitutional laws they violate with great regularity yet embrace if they are held accountable for these violations.

This country has been at the mercy of the double and triple standards of many in the political arena as well as company’s and corporations who fuel these mindsets in their positions of financial powers over their chosen political puppets since the beginning of Constitutional law came into being. Human nature at its best and worst constantly challenged and fought for. Young men and women who step up to the plate and sacrifice their lives, their well being just so politicians and other high titled perceived luminaries of this world and country can continue to despoil the honor and sacrifice of the sons and daughters of this country and allies in contrary deed of the right thing to do.

John McCain I believe will only continue the hell that the past two administrations have imposed on the American and world peoples. He appears to be a rubber stamp of the current political climate in the Bush Administration and will take us even further into hell if he becomes president of the united states.

He scares the daylights out of me. And as an American citizen protected by my Constitutional right to protest I make these remarks herein.

God bless this country and all of the people, all of the time even John McCain and his minions.

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