The Politics Of Bingeing

By admin ~ December 10th, 2009 @ 7:50 pm

A recent article in the New York Times discussed how bingeing will officially become a new disorder, with drug research underway to fix it.

Many holistic health and wellness coaches and practitioners have actually figured this puzzle out. Some of us have done so sans advanced medical and college degrees by researching the buried data about why bingeing occurs.

Despite what all the brilliant researchers, scientists and doctors backed by the food, chemical and drug barons say, we must remember that humans managed to make the last 10,000 years till now intact and vital, thank you very much. They did so without pharmaceuticals, artificial sweeteners, and all the low fat, high grain, refined, de-natured stuff the big conglomerates have the nerve to pass off on a confused, harried public as food and health. We are not equipped to process anything we didn’t eat 100,000 years ago because we haven’t evolved one iota since.

Refined sugar, grains, salt, artificial sweeteners, MSG and HFCS shut off a really important part of the brain called the appestat. That appestat monitors our blood for nutrients, signaling satiety and to put the fork down. When these “ingredients” hit our mouths, our bodies taste salt for instance, and gear up for the good stuff. After our brain outs the sodium chloride salt imposter, it mercilessly drives us to continue eating in the hope that eventually we’ll eat something containing the 70 trace elements present in unprocessed sea salt. Enormous amounts of calorie dense crap are ingested, but we aren’t full. So we go searching for more of the same thing that we just ate, driven by millennia old survival mechanisms.

So what’s the big deal if you binge?

Bingeing on these “foods” prompts the pancreas to let loose a load of insulin to clear the blood of the junk. Insulin’s job is to make fat, which it’s very good at. The toxin filled fat is sent to the belly and butt. Too much insulin, when you understand how our bodies constantly strive for homeostasis, then becomes the epi-center of all chronic, preventable disease. Insulin release is prompted by sugar, caffeine, too many carbs, refined foods and additives.

The food companies know exactly what this stuff does. It’s why they liberally spike their garbage with it and why they spend so much money to convince us otherwise. They work very hard to be sure no one can eat just one. Americans oblige, spending billions, literally starving their way to obesity, which waddles around in the middle of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and cancer.

Pharmaceutical companies fork out billions brainwashing a dulled, sick society that the only way to be well is to take their wonder pills. Food companies spend just as much telling us how healthy their stuff is. So, people take the drugs to treat the symptoms that manifest from eating all the unhealthy and “healthy” crap. As they get sicker, the drug companies make more pills. More inventive junk, more inventive pills, new improved junk, new improved pills. Food and drug companies get richer, we get poorer and not just in our wallets.

Doesn’t that make you mad?

My own regained vitality from a 15 year career as a drunk, coke addict and smoker is a testament to my return to traditional nutrition based on my metabolic type. I eat plenty of certified organic beef, lamb, pork, fowl, wild caught fish, raw whole milk, cheese, butter, tons of veggies, nuts, seeds, some fruit, sparse amounts of sprouted grain and lots of pure water with a pinch of unprocessed Celtic sea salt. I am of the opinion that it is the all the refined garbage, conventionally raised animals and genetically engineered crops that are harmful to us. Because evolution happens when it happens and we are ancient beings at the cell, unscrupulous greedy corporations engineer their “food” so we can’t stop eating it. Whatever animals eat and plants are injected with, we eat. I’m a functionally fit, 51 year old woman with a body fat of around 21%. I eat between 3000 and 4000 calories a day and I work out 3 hours a week, with nice walks to complement. No cravings, no bingeing, no night sweats, no hormone replacement therapy, no wonder drugs.

Today’s medicine is champion at stopping infections and putting broken bodies back together. Why they continue to insist that saturated fats and non-conventionally farmed animal products are bad while singing the praises of ingesting the very items that even bugs won’t touch and make animals sick and fat is a case of not seeing the wellness forest for the greed trees.

The bingeing phenomenon and the related health issues are not complicated when you understand how these additives and carb heavy foods monkey with your brain and pancreas. If you can’t say it, don’t eat it; if it wasn’t here 10,000 years ago, don’t eat it. If all knowing Mother Nature put it here 10,000 years ago, EAT IT and move! Those foods will tell you when it’s time to put the fork down and get you through your paltry 70 or 80 years intact. She equipped us with incredible bodies geared to work at moderate paces, with spurts of running or power when needed. Her brilliantly balanced nutrition got us here over millions of years without man arrogantly messing things up and the dire consequences we see today.


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