Is victim politics the only way Liberals can stay in power?

By admin ~ December 14th, 2009 @ 11:57 pm
Be honest Liberals you don’t really want things like racism or sexism to go away because if it did you and all your organizations would cease to exist. Being a victim and convincing people of their victimization is very very good for you is it not?
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7 Responses to Is victim politics the only way Liberals can stay in power?

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    No, it’s not good for anyone. Our goal is for them to cease to exist, if racism and sexism are gone, there is not need for a committee to end racism or sexist, now is there?

    So how do you propose we go about ending things like racism and sexism if we don’t have organizations?

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    Yes. Liberals never rely on doing anything else to protect individual liberties: like the welfare state, healthcare, education for all, housing for homeless people. Oh, wait… actually they did.

    Liberals (ideally, anyway) offer to enforce personal liberty and oppurtunity – including ending racism and sexism… are you suggesting Governments should ignore it? But they also fight against poverty, other discrimination, state control etc. So, even with racism etc done away with, they will still be needed.

    Which is all a moot point anyway – because every political party nowadays strives to occupy the middle ground, and is neither particularly liberal or conservative anymore.

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    If racism and sexism went away, that would mean Republicans died off somehow. So no, I think we’d still be pretty happy with that.

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    Whining about victimisation is very good for business.

    The extremist ideologies depend on it, both feminism (which is sex-based) and naziism (which is race-based).

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    That and slander…

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    both liberals and conservatives have cheapshot methods for gaining and keeping power and influence. liberals have victim poltics, conservatives appeal to bigotry. what we need to do as citizens who want government accountability is not let such distraction politics deceive us and demand real answers on real issues

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    Get your head out of the Ann Coulter books and join us in reality, OK, sport?


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