How do you gain real political power?

By admin ~ December 25th, 2009 @ 8:53 am
I am a student in college right now and I am seeking political power. Where can I start?
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14 Responses to How do you gain real political power?

  1. avatar r0xz

    Yahoo answers is a very bad place to start

  2. Answer man

    Lots of money, lots of favors, lots of pandering to lobbyist.

  3. N

    You have to challenge other politicians to sword duels and decapitate them to steal their power.

    Oh wait, that’s a highlander, my bad.

  4. Jack

    Start handing out free coffee coupons and run for office.

    Once your in office, spend 60% more then your college earns per year on buying votes. Then maybe, you’ll get re-elected.

  5. Ditto the Hutt

    By enslaving people to your will while milking the other gullible minions of their every penny.

  6. Leopold

    seek an internship at a lobbyist or at your local representatives office, and just work up from t here.

  7. Bob S

    Your local ACORN office…

    No, actually, if you are going to do it right, follow Christ’s teaching . . . he who would be first among you must be a servant to all…

    There are plenty of organizations out there looking for the best leaders they can buy. You just have to decide whether or not you are for sale.

  8. spot the cat

    if you are a republican forget about it unless:
    you are a blatant hypocrite ( oops most are )
    you are a closet homo ( oops again )
    you talk fiscal responsibility, but spend like a drunk sailor ( oops again )
    you use religion for your personal gain in the ballot box ( oops again )
    you are a closed minded fascist ( oops again )
    you believe in war when none is called for ( oops again )
    you would rather be in power than work together for the good of the country ( oops again )
    law school or a prestigious occupation, start off at county level, work your way up through hard work and service, it will not happen overnight, good luck ( unless of course, you are a republican )

  9. betotron

    contact RON PAUL

  10. Stewie

    See what the people need. Start working an internship.

  11. Poke_the_Bear

    Be a Democrat. They love power.

  12. slnixon3

    If You read and listen to any material by Bill Cooper, You will learn more about what You are seeking ————>

  13. phillup space

    Remember that Liberals are the weak They believe Government exists to advance Democracy and the American People. Conservatives know that by funding the elections of Conservative Republican Politicians, Government will continue to advance the agendas of Americas Superiors by advancing the principals of Capitalism. Good money should not be wasted on poor liberties.

  14. E

    promote off shoring

    promote tax cuts for the rich

    be rich or kiss rich butt til you become rich

    destroy the lives of the poor and unintelligent through brainwashing them and taking their livelihoods once they vote for you


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