Globalization -The Death Of Democracy

By admin ~ December 25th, 2009 @ 8:34 am

If you truly believe in democracy, you can forget globalization. Even by definition, the two are incompatible. Globalization implies sameness; equal rules and laws concerning capital and investment right across the board. So, if a country wants to join the “global community”, they have to adopt the rules and laws of that community. And the price of not doing so is stagnation, and a slow, or not so slow, economic death. At risk is a share of a multi-trillion dollar investment capital monster roaming the world looking for short term opportunity.

Unfortunately, this investment pool is faceless, anonymous, and conscienceless, largely interested in profit and profit alone. You can forget considerations such as environmental impact, well-being of the employees, or any kind of benevolence towards man or government. There are exceptions, of course, but the little fish with big consciences are soon swallowed up by the big fish with little consciences. For the most part, the “bottom line” rules this global investment world.

Under globalization, the money migrates towards cheap labor, low taxes, and a non-interfering government bureaucracy. That’s why many of “our” factories and jobs that were once ours now exist in places like China and Mexico. This is a trend that is sure to intensify as the “globalists” gain more and more power and control; and more and more governments step into line with the globalists’ agenda.

Who are they? They may be people like you and I, who have somehow succeeded against the odds to acquire a sizeable investment portfolio. However, the small investors do not make the kind of decisions that affect whole nations or peoples. The small guys just ride whatever wave is available as a hot stock investment, and simply don’t bother to look at the small print to find out what social or environmental impact this or that company is making on the host country.

The really big money comes from a very specific source. It is virtually unlimited, and until now virtually unchallenged by government, economist, or academic.

The world money supply grows at over 7% per year. All of this new money is issued into circulation by the private banking consortium and “sold” to government or private entities as interest-bearing debt. This money is created by the banks out of thin air using the assets we release to them as security. This means that the individuals who control the banking system behind the scenes have access to an almost unlimited money tree. Each year, trillions of dollars worth of new debt is added to their coffers, trillions of dollars of old debt is paid off (effectively “laundering” this money), and trillions of dollars worth of the world’s finest assets are purchased by them. I speak here of the controlling interests in all the major multi-nationals including armaments manufacturers, the airline industry, mining, forestry, pulp and paper, medicine, pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs, transportation, energy, petro-chemical, and especially the media. And a whole lot of lesser businesses are bought up by cyber-spaced investors at prices neither you nor I can compete with.

By controlling these important industries, the purchasing owners can indirectly control government policies via investment negotiations and threats to relocate elsewhere. And in most cases, individual governments are forced to give in to the globalists’ demands. Their monetary influence even includes the institutions of education wherein significant endowments (with strings attached) are gifted to many universities and other institutions of higher learning, in order to “teach” the bankers’ own economic “truths”.

And through ownership and control of the media, they ensure that no one “blows the whistle” on their clever monopoly.

Consequently, it is easily seen that the steering wheel of globalism and the new world order (politics) is guided by the same people who control the throttle (the money supply). Globalism is the hallmark (and the trademark) of the banking conspiracy in the issue of new money.

All that remains is to define the fuel that drives this conscienceless vehicle of power and control. If we can shut off the fuel supply, perhaps we can regain our sovereignty and our freedoms.

The important question is, “Why do so many people borrow and owe so much?” If individuals did not borrow from the banks, there would be no banking power center.

In most countries, taxation of one kind or another deprives the citizenry of more than 75% of their productive energy. These taxes take many forms: sales tax, income tax, withholding tax, estate duty, stamp duty, import duty, export duty, city tax, county tax, state tax, federal tax, excise tax, liquor tax, tobacco tax, and probably a whole lot more. What is not widely known is that many of these taxes are cumulative towards the cost of finishing a product. Wage taxes and compounding interest costs, for example, are continually added on to a product cost all through the production cycle. Many items that we purchase then hold a “hidden tax” component equal to upwards of 50% of the total cost. This is in addition to the many obvious taxes we pay.

In short, once we part with 75% of our earnings through these various taxes, we are left with no choice but to borrow replacement money from the banks. In other words, the only reason we need borrow anything at all is because government has stolen an equivalent amount from us!

I have studied modern taxation for many years, and I have found that there is absolutely no link whatsoever between a government’s ability to supply services, and the amount of taxation that the given government receives. These two figures are absolutely independent of each other! In fact, the higher the general rate of taxation, the less able government is to supply core services! Taxes actually destroy government services; or force the acquisition of those services at the expense of other important national resources!

It can therefore be seen that it is taxes, and taxes alone, that are responsible for the current plunge towards globalization, one world government, the loss of national autonomy, and a continuing trend towards personal debt and wage slavery.

Should any government recognize this curse and take upon itself the creation and issue of new interest-free money by which to fund their services, a new era of prosperity, peace, and abundance would result. Inspired creativity would blossom worldwide, and friendship, mutual respect, and enlightened co-operation might easily replace the current atmosphere of fear, covetousness, and insatiable greed as manifested in the modern movement towards globalization.

International conflicts such as 9-11 and the war against “terror” pave the globalists’ road with gold. Warfare means more taxes, more debt created, more bombs manufactured, and a whole new profit/power center for those bankers driving globalization! Isn’t it time to get off the global bus?
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