What You Need To Know About Aruba

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Aruba is an island along the Caribbean Sea, situated north of Paraguana Peninsula, Falcon State and Venezuela. It belongs to the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Unique among other lands in the Caribbean region, Aruba has a dry climate. This difference is actually welcomed by tourists, though, as they can always expect consistently warm and sunny weather.


The island of Aruba was discovered in 1499 during a Spanish expedition, and was eventually seized by the Dutch in 1636. The historical significance of Aruba became obvious during the time it experienced an economic boom that affected world economy. There were a number of separate incidents involving this. During the 19th century, the gold rush was at its peak, which led to opening of an oil refinery in 1924. During the recent decades, tourism has also grown by leaps and bounds.

On January 1, 1986, Aruba became a self-governing member of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Although there was a campaign for the island to gain full independence, activity was stopped in 1996, as requested by Aruba six years before..


Aruba maintains its own laws, constitution, government and currency but relies on the Kingdom of the Netherlands for national defense, citizenship, foreign affairs and extraditions. Aruba is represented by a governor who is in term for six years. The head of state is the Prime Minister, who is under the executive branch of the Netherlands.


Aruba is generally flat. It does not have any rivers, and it is recognized worldwide for its white sandy beaches. The beaches are located in the western and southern coasts of the island. The weather conditions are very stable, which is very attractive to tourists. The temperature is consistent, and stays at an average of 82 degrees Fahrenheit or 28 degrees Celsius. Rainfall does not exceed 20 inches all year round.


The standard of living in Aruba is the highest in the Caribbean region, with a very low poverty and unemployment rating. The most important contributor to the local economy is the tourism industry . Before the rise in tourism, oil processing was the driver of the island’s economy.

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