What is true democracy and which country fullfill it?

By admin ~ November 9th, 2009 @ 12:50 am
I think i ni this civilized world still much need of true democracy.countries which are developed and in power not doing their job nicely.”might is right”is motto of these countries., sincerity with people required much more……
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3 Responses to What is true democracy and which country fullfill it?

  1. wahm

    there never was a true democracy, but we come as close as you can get to being a true democracy.you would have to get rid of greed for that to happen.

  2. personalized favors

    The US is a Republic and not a democracy!

    Watch this. It explains it pretty well.

  3. surge suppressors

    I think the best type of gov, is the one:
    -People choose the president by direct vote
    -People choose the legislative assembly (local candids) by direct vote
    -President choose the cabinet and legislative assembly and can accept or reject each one
    -People directly choose an assembly which take care of constitution, refuse the rules of legislative assembly which are against the constitution, and choose a leader of the country,
    (If the gov is religious add “and religion” to the constitution)
    -The leader is the man one 1 in the the country, a spirituality leader, but take part in great decisions,

    This is Islamic Republic of Iran gov, I do believe it, Here, I am free, and the gov form top to down is choose d by me! directly or indirectly,


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