Office Politics Good or Bad?

By admin ~ November 23rd, 2009 @ 5:06 am

It’s hard to imagine the office with out Office Politics. This social game is a in every office, and can be narrowed down from corporate to an individual element. There is no such thing with out life with out office politics. Even if participation is indirect or direct both factors produce a role.

Some respond to office politics in quiet mode. They usually sit back to see who reacts and what actions to take. They never put anyone on the spot to move ahead. Observers basically sit back and let them loose credibility until they can jump in at the right moment. Most people just jump the gun and end up hurting the opportunity. Quietly Observers listen and usually don’t speak until spoken to. Timing is everything.

People have learned to find a quality or trait to mimic or to steer clear from. Everyone has dominant traits. Sifting through the traits that can help you grow as a professional. Learn how identify a mentor and you will be successful. It does work; you could be promoted ahead of many other people in your position. How would you like to be promoted six months early? You can get to that point by acting like superiors and studying their work ethic.

From observing you may have been able to shape your style! To be honest office politics are so ridiculous that at times things turn into a dog and pony show. You can mimic anyone to get ahead or you can be yourself.

Mimic, and adapt traits and qualities that are good. It is a good thing to do for anyone. Office Politics can be a little extreme but there is so much productivity lost when the politics game starts rolling in and gets out of hand. Business relationships must be maintained. There are certain things you just don’t do such as: Make your boss look like a fool. The professional thing to do if you have an issue or would like to point out a flaw is to do so tactfully and with professionalism, keeping the bosses feelings inside. If you talk to him like a person he/she will more likely be personable with you instead of making an example out of you in front of others.

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