A Spiritual Perspective on Politics

By admin ~ November 2nd, 2009 @ 11:39 pm

The current financial and political situation has been coming for awhile. Our system of control of power and money benefits those who are already rich and powerful. The people in our country and other consumer based nations have been living their lives based on an illusion. Assuming their basic needs are more than being met, the people strive to make more and more money to purchase more and more things. When they have what they want, they are relatively content. The truth is, too much value has been placed on maintaining personal lifestyle and too little value has been placed on the greater good of everyone. What could we do to help improve the lives of others if all the money being spent on military endeavors and projects that make corporations richer went into feeding the hungry, treating the sick, and helping people make positive shifts in their lives? What if everyone decided to be content and grateful for their blessings and changed their consumerist ways? What if citizens in our communities started sharing with and helping each other? Yes we are individuals, but we are also interconnected energetically to all other energy. The current societal focus seems to be on separation, separation from each other and separation from our collective creation energy. Our society values individualism more than community as evidenced in the every person for themselves attitude. Where is the balance? From a spiritual perspective, the energy flows triangularly and is interconnected. Being in balance means balancing your personal energetic flow, self to Self, self to others and self to The Loving Universe.

This may be too simple an approach, but we are spiritual beings in physical form. It is time for more attention to move towards individual and collective spirituality. This is a major change. It means choosing love over fear. Too many people are living in fear, fear of the future, fear they will lose their financial security. Fear energy builds on itself. It is hitting people right now at their cores. When fear hits at your core, it is time to examine what within yourself is creating that fear. Fear is all around us. It is each of our choices what we will do with the prevailing fear energy. What are we really afraid of and who is generating this atmosphere of fear? Living in fear makes people feel powerless. Who is gaining from the climate of fear?

The prevailing belief on most of this planet right now is in a lack of resources, there is not enough for everyone. This creates a system of haves and have nots. The power and control lie with a few, who have plenty, compared to the majority who feel they do not have enough. Maybe, most of us already have enough. Some are just not satisfied with what they have and constantly strive for more. Striving for more becomes the center of our lives, distracting us from what is really going on. The pressure is constantly present in advertising and more deeply in the very principles on which our society is structured. The way our governments and financial institutions were structured was eventually bound to change. The illusion that all is well and we just need to keep borrowing and spending to maintain our way of life, could not be maintained forever, even though those in power tried to keep it going. Life is about change, yet as human beings most of us resist change. Change is uncomfortable. It elicits fear, fear of the unknown future. Each of us needs to connect with our inner core, our true self, which has nothing to do with what is going on in the world around us. Whatever is happening around us, it will pass. Remaining in balance, despite what is happening around us is important right now. Otherwise, those who are feeding the fear, and have the most to gain from a population who are focused on the present situation, will continue to manipulate others for their own gain, maintaining power and control.

Does it matter who wins the election? I feel it does. Otherwise I wouldn’t choose to vote. If a major change is made in political administration, other changes will naturally follow as part of the process. If a major change does not happen in the political administration, the new president will still be faced with problems to solve. The approach to creating solutions will just be different. There are no simple solutions. No president will wave a magic wand and create universal peace, happiness and harmony. We the people create peace from within, starting with our own lives, reaching out from there to help others, taking action politically to promote change. The time for complacency on the part of the majority of the citizens is over. This election is very much about fear, fear for the future, fear of loss of security, fear of change. Whoever you choose to vote for, do it with love in your heart, love for all the people, love to balance the fear energy.

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