Why I Support Our Troops In This War

By admin ~ October 21st, 2009 @ 4:19 pm

Let Me explain why I think that our government and our people should support this ongoing war in Iraq and afghanistan. I Believe that our country must stay the course of this war that so many of our people and the Iraqi people have suffered and died for. This is a war that should have never been started to stop the war now would not only weaken the belief that democracy can really work for this country. Iraq and their people would lose faith in the belief that there really is a better way of life worth fighting for. This would not only bring a new supply of young people to support This twisted View Of religion that men like Osama Bin Laden are teaching making more future death machines out of more young children. This would only prolong the cycle of war and terror that this country and the world would have to deal with in the future.

I believe that our government has to sit down together and find a way to succeed in this war before this country creates another generation of people for men like Osama Bin Laden can use to strengthen his twisted religious beliefs. This will only make it hard for the next generations of our families to have to deal with. I do not believe that their is any other choice then to support our troops in every way that we can and help bring about a successful end to this war.

I believe that this nation and their people mostly do want peace and growth for the next generation of Iraqi people. I think to run out on this country now would only bring a bigger and longer war through the middle east. These two countries Iraq and Afghanistan must be made a shining example of how real democracy can and must work. The longer our government fights over this war the longer it will go on.

I believe that all our government better start working together to bring a successful end to this war that so many or our troops have fought and died for. It is not important now who was for this war and who was not just get together on the same page and make Iraq a real democratic allies instead of future terrorist allies of men like Osama Bin Laden. This war can go down two ways in history. One as the biggest blunder our country ever made. The second is the better choice to finish this war and create a future country of allies that will stand by our nation.

To walk out of this mess now will weaken our nation the next time some country wants help from our nation. Countries will always believe that when the going gets tough our country will back away and leave them to stand alone. Having Iraq as a long term future ally will give our country the perfect way to show these other countries in the middle east that democracy really does work. I believe that if our country runs away this will give twisted men like Osama Bin Laden a feeding ground of people to fill with his twisted ideas of religion that will result in thousands of new death machines out of these young children. Even these children should have a future where they really learn the true words of God and not this twisted religious view of endless death.

Other wise our government is telling all the troops that have died or been crippled in this war was for nothing. This government started this war now lets not let all this death on both sides be for nothing. Instead of fighting to stop this war get together and find ways the get the Iraqi government working to help end this war. This war is hard for all our people but it has to hardest on the troops to hear that they are fighting and dying just to be told they are fighting for nothing. Think about how much harder it will be for our troops to come home remembering that all this death and horror that have lived and seen was for nothing? Remember these are the people that have to believe that all this death wa for a better way of life for a new nation. I believe that living with all the scars and terrible memories these troops will remember must have a cause that they can mentally connect with. Other wise our troops will only remember all the worthless death they were a part of.

Death and horror are hard for any person to live with but take away the reason why our troops fight for will leave nothing but the memories of death and blood that our troops have seen . life will be hard enough for our troops to get on with when they come home. I believe that to take away the reason for all this death would just leave these troops with and empty feeling of accomplishment.

This is why I support our troops for a great success in this fight and war.

As always I write with respect

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