What other countries besides the US are a democracy?

By admin ~ October 19th, 2009 @ 9:31 pm
I am wondering if Britian is. I know its a kingdom but do the people vote for things? Are any of their leaders elected?

Please list any other countries you can that are like the U.S.
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    The photo below reflects nations claiming to be a democracy:

    Governments self identified as democratic are shaded in BLUE
    Governments not self identified as democratic are shade in RED

    England is a democracy:
    The Parliament of England had its roots in the restrictions on the power of kings written into Magna Carta. The first elected parliament was De Montfort’s Parliament in England in 1265.

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    Umm… The US is a Republic, and the UK is a Constitutional Monarchy… Both vote for their leaders…

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    Go the CIA world factbook…that is a right smart question…

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    Canada votes for their leaders as well!!

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    Russia is becoming some what of a democracy, they have a market economy and are leaning toward capitalism, and puerto rico it has the same government has the U.S. because it is our commenwealth as well as guam

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    there is a complete list of countries and their system of government here:

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    I would imagine that any country in which the political leader is voted in by public choice, i.e. a free and legitimate voting system, would be considered to be a Democracy.

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    Spain, Portugal, and several of the military dictatorships in South America became democratic in the late 1970s and early 1980s. This was followed by nations in East and South Asia by the mid- to late 1980s. Economic malaise in the 1980s, along with resentment of communist oppression, contributed to the collapse of the Soviet Union, the associated end of the Cold War, and the democratization and liberalization of the former Eastern bloc countries.

    The most successful of the new democracies were those geographically and culturally closest to western Europe, and they are now members or candidate members of the European Union. The liberal trend spread to some nations in Africa in the 1990s, most prominently in South Africa. Some recent examples include the Indonesian Revolution of 1998, the Bulldozer Revolution in Yugoslavia, the Rose Revolution in Georgia, the Orange Revolution in Ukraine, the Cedar Revolution in Lebanon, and the Tulip Revolution in Kyrgyzstan.

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    Yes absolutely Great Britain is a democratic country. Some other democratic countries are Canada and the Philippines. (I’m from the Philippines so I know that for sure!) Good luck.

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    There are too many types of democracy to answer that question accurately… here is an example of a few

    Democracy, a broad article on democracy, especially its application in modernity.
    Anticipatory democracy, which relies on some degree of disciplined and usually market-informed anticipation of the future, to guide major decisions.
    Athenian democracy (sometimes called classical democracy), as originally developed in the Classical Greek city-state of Athens.
    Defensive democracy, a situation in which a democratic society has to limit some rights and freedoms in order to protect the institutions of the democracy.
    Deliberative democracy, which focuses on hearing out every policy alternative, from every direction, and providing time to research them all.
    Demarchy, a form of democracy which has people randomly selected from the citizenry to either act as representatives, or to make decisions in specific areas of governance (defense, environment, etc.)
    E-democracy, which comprises the use of electronic communications technologies, such as the Internet, in enhancing democratic processes within a democratic republic or representative democracy.
    Market democracy, another name for democratic capitalism, an economic ideology based on a tripartite arrangement of a market-based economy based predominantly on economic incentives through free markets, a democratic polity and a liberal moral-cultural system which encourages pluralism.
    Democratic centralism, an organizational method where members of a political party discuss and debate matters of policy and direction and after the decision is made by majority vote, all members are expected to follow that decision in public.
    Democratic dictatorship Also known as democratur.
    Direct democracy, implementations of democracy in more pure forms; classically termed pure democracy.
    Dominant-party system, a democratic party system where only one political party can realistically become the government, by itself or in a coalition government.
    Economic democracy, a theory of democracy involving people having access to subsistence, or equity in living standards.
    Grassroots democracy, a form of democracy emphasizing trust in small decentralized units at the municipal government level, possibly using urban secession to establish the formal legal authority to make decisions made at this local level binding.
    Illiberal democracy, a type of representative democracy where there are no or only weak limits on the power of the elected representatives to rule as they please.
    Jacksonian democracy, a form of democracy popularized by President Andrew Jackson promoted the strength of the executive branch and the Presidency at the expense of Congressional power.
    Jeffersonian democracy, a form of government named for American statesman Thomas Jefferson.
    Liberal democracy, a form of representative democracy with protection for individual liberty and property by rule of law.
    Multiparty democracy, a two-party system requires voters to align themselves in large blocs, sometimes so large that they cannot agree on any overarching principles.
    New Democracy, a Maoist concept based on Mao Zedong’s “Bloc of Four Classes” theory in post-revolutionary China.
    Non-partisan democracy, a system of representative government or organization such that universal and periodic elections (by secret ballot) take place without reference to political parties.
    Parliamentary democracy, a democratic system of government where the executive branch of a parliamentary government is typically a cabinet, and headed by a prime minister who is considered the head of government.
    Participatory democracy, which involves consensus decision making and offers greater political representation, e.g., wider control of proxies others trust them with, to those who get directly involved and actually participate.
    Radical democracy, a type of democracy that focuses on the importance of nurturing and tolerating difference and dissent in decision-making processes.
    Religious democracy, the values of religion play a role in the public arena in a society populated by religious people.
    Republican democracy, a republic which has democracy through elected representatives
    Representative democracy describes indirect democracy where sovereignty is held by the people’s representatives.
    Social democracy, a political philosophy that calls upon government to be for the people. In contrast to Socialists, modern Social Democrats do not believe in nationalizing industry
    Sortition, a democratic method of choosing political and administrative officials, advocated by Aristotle, and used in classical Athens and Venice, which is based on the drawing of lots as opposed to election by vote.
    Soviet democracy, a form of democracy where the workers of a locality elect recallable representatives into organs of power called soviets (councils.) The local soviets elect the members of regional soviets who go on to elect higher soviets.
    Totalitarian democracy, a system of government in which lawfully elected representatives maintain the integrity of a nation state whose citizens, while granted the right to vote, have little or no participation in the decision-making process of the government.
    Westminster democracy, a parliamentary system of government modeled after that of the United Kingdom system.
    Workplace democracy, the application of democracy to the workplace as opposed to conventional top-down management hierarchy.

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    Without getting into a long list……..it would apply to most countries who have a government freely elected by the people.

    A good example might be Israel.

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    There are NO democracy’s in the world today. The US is a republic, we vote for those who are supposed to represent us in affairs of government. In a democracy, every one has a chance to vote on everything, every proposed law, every spending bill, every tax increase, every government employee salary increase, etc.. A unworkable system!!!

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    The US is NOT a Democracy, it is a Representative Republic.

    EDIT: (40 minutes after first posting) Who’s the moron who went through and gave everybody a thumbs down?

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    I don’t grant the supposition that the US is a democracy. I would say that the US, while intended to be a republic and not a true democracy (one person does not equal one vote), is more accurately a capitalistic society. Money equals power and the majority does not always rule.

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    India is a democracy, in fact the biggest democracy in the world. France, Canada, Australia, Germany, Russia… many countries are democracies.

    UK is a monarchy but the real power is with the PM and the PM is elected.

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    The UK are a Costitutional Monarchy, as Holland, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Danmark, Spain, Japan(there Is the Empiror). They are not Republics, but their citizens have the same rights or sometimes more than in some Republics.
    Canada, Australia, New Zeland are Republics, but the president of these republics is the British King/Queen, in fact Australian, Canadian, Kiwi armed forces still mantain the prefix “Royal” (RCAF-royal canadian air force, RAAF-royal australian air force, RNZAF-royal new zeland air force…….).
    Others Republics are: France, Germany, Itlay, Israel, Brasil, Switzerland….
    The concept of Democracy(freedom, right…) is not so related to Republic or Monarchy, in fact in some Kingdoms people is more free and have more rights than in some Republics(for example compare Sweden to Russia)…..But this becouse in these kingdoms the power of the king is really weak and they are really like republics(the only ecception is formely).

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    Actually, we are a republic, and elections are decided by the electoral college consensus. Israel is a democracy. Update. I should have read all of the answers before taking the time to make sure you folks know we are not a democracy!

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    Democracy :Definition
    1- a system of government in which everyone can vote to elect its members
    2- a country that has a government which has been elected by the people of the country
    3- a situation or system in which everyone is equal, has the right to vote and make decisions etc.
    (Source: Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English)

    UK is a democracy because the prime minsiter is chosen by senators who are chosen by people. the queen only approves.
    india is the world biggest democracy

    in this page al democratic nations and the year of their foundation and the map of democrat world is prescribed:this is the best page i have come through on internet.

    in this page u can find some surverys done about USA and Singapore, and the real meaning of a democratic government.

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    Britain is a kingdom which means the people are not allowed to elect their head of state. One day it may be a full democracy but not now because it’s too busy forcing democracy on Iraq.

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    The US is not a democracy. It is a democratic republic. There is a significant difference.


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