Politics in Fashion?

By admin ~ October 15th, 2009 @ 4:34 pm

Everybody knows that clothes could make or break the woman…or man. From the tailored work wear to the glamorous evening wear to the hospital scrub suits, clothes are able to tell a story of the person wearing them – who they are and where they are headed.

Even after a typical workday, what we ultimately choose to wear stills gives a reflection of our personalities. From sweat suits to wet suits, the clothes we wear are meant not only to be functional, but also to be fashionable.

Clothes are able to tell onlookers what the person wearing it is like and how he or she spends his or her time. Sports franchise logos are usually displayed on Main Street America. Shirts printed with famous film, music and television icons are present everywhere. Clothes are obviously great media of advertisements and messages and people from all walks of life have begun to realize that we have the responsibility of choosing which printed shirts we will wear, if we decide to wear them, at all.

Today, more than ever, politics have entered the fashion scene. Blatant political slogans and phrases have become more and more prevalent on the shirts of people than car bumpers. Some articles of clothing have actually advertised some candidates and political parties and have actually been purchased by some individuals. However, are there any options for those who want to make their agenda a bit subtle? There are, with the union of clothing and socially conscious art. Some clothing retailers, who are less political and more fashionable, have designed pieces, which display the balance of the medium and the message.

Making use of art as the means of exchange and clothes as the canvas, these clothiers are supplying people with a way to express themselves in fact and in figure. Is there a better way for entrepreneurs and business owners to be able to meet the public demands, which is concentrated on reflecting their belief in style and substance?

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